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   (2012-04-02) Release Room Juice 0.3.4. This release include a minor bug fix, a bigger theme and fixes an XSS vulnerability. (2011-05-06) Release Room Juice 0.3.3. m3u file support, fixed volume slider to work with amixer (2008-01-20) Release Room Juice 0.3.2. Minor bugfixes, added incomplete handheld support. (2007-02-02) Release Room Juice 0.3.1. Minor bugfixes. (2006-07-04) Released Room Juice 0.3. This version adds a dhtml countdown timer and adds id3v2 support using taginfo. It also includes some bug fixes and minor display improvements. (2005-08-05) Released Room Juice 0.2.3. Added midi support and minor bugfixes. (2005-01-08) Released Room Juice 0.2.2. (2004-06-01) Released Room Juice 0.2.1. Overhauled some of the backend code. (2004-02-15) Finally released Room Juice 0.2.0. Adds a simple theming mechanism. (2003-09-27) Released roomjuice 0.1.15. _config.php was changed. (2003-05-06) Released roomjuice 0.1.14. (2003-03-21) Released roomjuice 0.1.13. _config.php was NOT changed, feel free to copy over your old one. (2003-02-21) Released roomjuice 0.1.12. Volume stuff in _config.php was changed. (2003-01-07) Released roomjuice 0.1.11. (2002-12-16) Released roomjuice 0.1.10. _config.php has changed. (2002-10-05) Designed new site


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