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   0.3.4 (2012-04-02) - index.php, themes: added winampbig theme (larger fonts!) - prefs.php: ordered directories in theme directory - browse.php, display.php, playlistmod.php, prefs.php: fixed XSS vulnerability 0.3.3 (2011-05-06) - _config.php: added m3u files using mpg123--thanks to David Colquhoun for the tip. - volume.php: _config.php: fixed volume code when controlling main slider - volume.php: check.php, added amixer support 0.3.2 (2008-01-20) - browse.php: show file size for images - browse.php, defaultheader.php, util.js, playlistmod.php: fixed handling of directories with single quotes in them, reported by Mark A. Bialik - added handheld support (incomplete and unsupported) 0.3.1 (2007-02-02) - _shared.php: handle dos carriage returns in _config.php - volume.php: bugfix from Eric Alexander Schiller - _control.php: fixed bug in play() and pause() which could cause an invalid state resulting in no playback until a clear() was issued - playlist.php: convert underscores to spaces when displaying song to browser - _songinfo.php: rewrote song info parsing, it choked on quotes in the data 0.3 (2006-07-04) - playlist.php, themes: format songs in playlist frame better, highlight every other song. - defaultheader.php: fix for dir_autolink() if directory had parens in it - _songinfo.php, display.php: add support for custom taginfo program (ogg, id3 & id3v2 support) see - util.js, playlist.php: dynamic count down timer for remaining time and total time (gracefully falls back on static if javascript is disabled) - fixed so we're using all short php tags again. Thanks to Richard Lamse for the report - volume.php: fixed smixer support, again thanks to Richard Lamse - volume.php, _config.php: added ability to disable the volume text to the right of the slider (Richard Lamse) - volume.php, _config.php: parameterized the which mixer slider gets changed - util.js, playlist.php: don't countdown time remaining when paused, fixed countdown display for times > 1 hour 0.2.3 (2005-08-05) - _config.php: added midi support using timidity - _control.php: fixed matching bug in killall() for midi and sids - _playlist.php, playlistmod.php, display.php: added support for adding a specific song to a playlist - defaultheader.php: fix for dir_autlink() if directory had a bracket in it - browse.php: made display() a bit wider to fit in an 80 column text file - display.php: rtrim() text file data, add our own newline 0.2.2 (2005-01-08) - check.php: fixed speeling error - prefs.php: changed website link to - defaultheader.php: fixed bug when the DIRMASK didn't have an ending / - browse.php: if image shown was resized, make it clickable to open up in a new window - browse.php: open images up in a new window when clicked 0.2.1 (2004-06-01) - browse.php: fixed image resize code, was looking at width instead of height - volume.php: obey new theme stylesheet - queue.php: call setsid so the queue.php daemon doesn't die if apache dies - _flock.php: moved file locking functions to this file - _playlist.php: new playlist class, much cleaner, more flexible - _prefs.php: new prefs class, much cleaner - _control.php: use new playlist and prefs classes - _playlist.php, playlistmod.php: clicking add 5 random songs more than once will no longer result in duplicate songs being added - _playlistmod.php, playlistmod.php: if a song is in the playlist twice, the correct song is now removed - browse.php: fixed bug when searching and only 1 mp3 directory is configured - playlistcontrols.php: adapt to new _control.php functions 0.2.0 (2004-02-15) - _config.php, volume.php, check.php: add support for different audio devices - browse.php: only resize images that are greater than 300 pixels high - defaultheader.php, browse.php: only show enqueue confirmation if it's going to enqueue at least 20 files or a subdirectory - index.php, volume.php: only root should change volume - prefs.php, playlistcontrols.php, playlist.php, defaultheader.php, buttons.php, browse.php, volume.php, theme/*: theme support, images all in the theme directory now - defaultheader.php, browse.php, _browse.php: show enqueue directory and add 5 random songs links if the root dir isn't a virtual root directory 0.1.15 (2003-09-27) - _config.php:_shared.php: made a few things more understandable - _config.php, display.php, playlistmod.php: changed the way we get info on files, so now we get info on all music modules - volume.php, browse.php: made text browser friendly, from RJ Marquette - _config.php, browser.php: display first image in directory, max 300 pixels tall, thanks to RJ Marquette for the initial code and idea - did I fix the 5 random songs from the search? I swear it was broken and I don't remember fixing it 0.1.14 (2003-05-02) - _browse.php: fixed a bug if you had only one mp3 directory configured. - check.php: better checking of $PHP variable and included checking of the $MP3DIRS variable - _search.php: fixed bug where the search terms weren't showing up - browse.php, playlist.php, playlistmod.php: Don't give invalid referrer errors if accessing via https. - _config.php: use mikmod for .mods, and xmp for all other modules 0.1.13 (2003-03-21) - volume.php: if you have two pcm sound outputs, pick the first one. Thanks go to RJ Marquette for spotting this. - defaultheader.php: moved headers to this file, linking up directory names - _shared.php: now setting HOME environment variable, thanks to Dan Metcalf for the idea. This should hopefully fix at least some RedHat problems. - index.php: Gave the frames borders under netscape/mozilla so you can resize em. - _search.php, _browse.php, browse.php, playlistmod.php: cleanup, adding the capability to enqueue all search results and add 5 random songs from the search results. - browse.php, playlistmod.php: now using natcasesort() instead of sort() - all files: various cleanup, now using <?php instead of <? - _search.php: enqueue 5 random files from dir is now run through rdir() instead of locate. - browse.php: tabled up buttons and form to force the spacing to be more consistent in all browsers. - _control.php: now you can only have one veto in the queue at a time 0.1.12 (2003-02-21) - playlist.php: fixed bug where time remaining would countdown when the music was paused and the playlist frame is reloaded - browse.php: if is_readable() failed, the error was being displayed outside the table, fixed - browse.php: fixed table alignment and spacing - volume.php: overhauled the aumix and smixer execution code, made it more secure - check.php: changed code to detect the new volume config, also checking perms on /dev/mixer 0.1.11 (2003-01-07) - fixed clear button when music isn't playing - _control.php: abstracted more control functions - _control.php: stop using /bin/killall for wider crossplatform compatibility, now using a custom killall() function in php (using ps, grep, and awk) - volume.php: integrated into main interface, new blue graphics, and smixer support thanks to RJ Marquette - volume.php: tweaked RJ's code a bit, you can now select 0 as a volume and it now shows the current volume level - index.php: now able to disable the volume frame - check.php: show the program it was looking for - check.php: don't show darkice error if icecast is not running - queue.php: fixed logic bug if you hit veto while the music was stopped 0.1.10 (2002-12-16) - wrote generic locking fopen/fclose wrappers - switched _prefs.php to use new locking fopen/fclose - reworked playlist_write - added file locking to playlist_* functions, we can still have a "collision" where one user is queueing up a whole directory, and say the song finishes halfway through, but at least the data returned should not be corrupt - play the first file as soon as it's added, don't wait for all of the files to parsed and queued up - changed the way queue.php is executed so it never should have to be edited anymore, php location is stored in _config.php now - fixed stupid bug in playlist loading 0.1.9 (2002-09-18) - fixed regex bug in notvalidfd() (any filename with .. in it was failing) - quelled stderr from mp3info in _config.php, it was filling up my apache error log - added volume.php--thanks to Rob Lensen, code from the Toaster mp3 project (not yet linked into the UI though) - add main.css page--thanks again to Rob Lensen - tweaked various links, and added mouse over help on various pages - changed around HOSTS config var, fixed a potential security problem with host matching logic, root now gets ALL permissions - cleaned up look of playlist.php for different permissions - renamed listen.pls to listen.php and made dynamic, access it by listen.php/listen.pls (to fool MSIE) you now no longer have to set your ip - ogginfo tweaks (add back in support for pre 1.0 ogginfo) 0.1.8 (2002-08-19) - added robots nofollow,noindex tag to defaultheader.php... heh, google was randomly playing songs for me :) - fixed mozilla deletion issue for filenames with high level chars - got rid of ctype dependency, I was using one function once anyway - fixed adding of metadata for ogginfo 1.0 - changed to using preg_match instead of slower eregi (config file regex has changed) 0.1.7 (2002-07-14) - check if locate is installed in check.php - commented buttons.php a little while I still remember how it works - unpause the music if play is pressed while paused - fixed the randomize function. who broke that? couldn't have been me! :) - cleaned up randomize function, randomize first song if music isn't playing - fixed bugs if you didn't have ogg or mods configured 0.1.6 (2002-06-02) - wrote check.php to help debug a roomjuice install - added time estimation for music modules using xmp -v --load-only - added display screen for music modules using xmp -v --load-only 0.1.5 (2002-05-24) - changed _config.php around, sorry, you'll need to re-edit it - changed validfd() to notvalidfd(), it now returns why it's not a valid file or directory for better debugging - now displays the IPs that are connected to an icecast server - show songinfo screen in main frame, NOT playlist frame - added js back button on display.php, combined songinfo.php and display.php - fixed notation in humanreadable() to use new IEC standard - added music module support via mikmod or xmp - added _state file to store data about the current song and it's format - added generic way to add more audio formats - added pause button, idea and concept thanks to Adam Torgerson - switched from mpg123 to using mpg321, it's free and handles files better - try to better deal with a corrupted playlist.m3u 0.1.4 (2002-04-27) - ability to view text and image files, since some albums might have an nfo file or jpg along with it - added songinfo link to entries in the playlist - minor fix for php 4.2.0 stat() command (bug or feature?) - The search box now ANDs all words together - put all the apache icons I'm using in the images dir and fixed the alpha transparency channel - added randomly enqueue 5 files from current directory and below feature 0.1.3 (2002-03-19) - mp3info/ogginfo support, shows stats on files if you have these programs - store meta data for songs in playlist in "#EXTINF:time,song name" format - display time remaining for current song - display total time of songs in playlist - set javascript timeout to reload playlist.php after current song is done - strip slashes on user entered data, for people who have magic quotes on - Using php 4.1.x underscore variable arrays, ala $_REQUEST, so now register_globals can be off (now requires >= php 4.1.2) 0.1.2 (2001-12-16) - Added ogg vorbis support. - Recursive directory enqueue - Randomization, thanks to Adam Torgerson (with some tweaks and a bugfix by yours truly) - Start playback on addition of a file to an empty playlist - Javascript checkall button for mass remove - fixed a delete issue - Save playlists, initial code by Adam Torgerson - Added clear playlist button - other minor bug fixes 0.1.1 (2001-09-30) - Initial version. (2001-09-01) - Started writing Room Juice


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