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   Q) How can I broadcast my music? A) I personally use icecast as the server and darkice as the source client feeding icecast the audio stream. This allows for a non-interrupted stream, since multiple audio formats are supported. and Q) Why do I have long delays when using roomjuice over an SMB or NFS share? A) It seems like mpg321 likes to load up the entire file before playing it, which causes unnecessary delays over a network. Try using madplay instead. Q) It doesn't work! A) That's not a question, but try checking the following things: a) Double check over all of the settings in _config.php, edit a fresh _config.php, not one from an old version of roomjuice. You DID edit _config.php, didn't you? b) load up roomjuice in a web brower ( for instance) and click on "check config for errors". Your ip must have "root" access in _config.php for you to see this link. This file attempts to make a diagnostic of why roomjuice isn't working. c) Make sure to install the app into a fresh directory, don't extract over an old copy. d) Read over the README file to make sure you didn't miss anything. Just try to attack the problem logically. If you still are having trouble, feel free to email me with exactly what's going wrong, and what you expect the outcome to be and I can see if I can help. My email addy is in README. If anyone can come up with anything I can do to make Room Juice easier to to install that doesn't include a massive code overhaul, I'm all ears.


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